Monday, June 21, 2010

LIV: Champion Bolter

I took some pictures of this bolter conversion & put together super-quick & easy mini tutorial.

Step 1.) Gather the bits

Step 2.) Chop the bits

Step 3.) Clean the bits

Step 4.) Glue the bits

And now we have ourselves a bolter fit for a champion of chaos! Here is the finished arm in it's new home, getting ready to lead a squad of Chosen into battle.


  1. Neat, quick and looks good!
    I like this, top marks for you.
    Consider it borrowed for my 13th Company.

  2. Thanks, Da_Sub! Borrow away :D

  3. Very cool. The ammo drum look works really well. Less reloads

  4. Thanks, Cyclops! I figure the Chosen are the CSM equivalent to Veterans; so they should have cooler war-gear :D