Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Green: Results

Simple Green worked great on these old metal models! I had read on-line that it had a really strong smell, but I didn't mind it, (just smelled like Jaggermeister to me). I prefer it by far to some other harsh chemical scent. I kept it on the balcony overnight, so smell wouldn't have been an issue regardless. Brought them in this morning & with just the slightest scrubbing from a ratty ol' toothbrush... the paint just peeled-off like fried chicken skin.

Later this morning I stumbled across this post over on Dark Future Games and in the comments section there's an interesting variety of opinions about weather or not this stuff works on plastic figures. I had a 2nd hand plastic biker laying around, so I'm soaking him in the same jar of Simple Green. I'll leave him in there for two days & see how it comes out.


  1. There is a product just called "Super Clean" (www.superclean.com) that is available generally in auto part stores. I have used both simple green and it and hands down it works better on plastic than simple green. I have used simple green as well ... the nice thing about simple green is it is easy to find and always pretty cheap. On pewter ... I've used carburetor fluid to good effect. Good stuff though ... good posts on this topic!

  2. Thanks, Lord of Excess! That's good stuff to know, I'll keep my eyes open for those alternatives too.

  3. I just used Simple Green to strip a bunch of plastic models. After a 20 hour soak, everything but the primer came off with a bit of scrubbing from a toothbrush.