Friday, July 17, 2009

XIII: Let's get Metal!

So, at long last, some of my mail-order bits have arrived. Metal bits on plastic models mean... new glue. Krazy Glue; this is the 3rd type of glue I've purchased since starting this hobby a little over a month ago, and my least favorite of the bunch. Love it or not though, gluing needed doing.

The coffin-lid shields are a little smaller than I was expecting, so I've altered my plans for them a little, but I still like the look of 'em. The havoc shoulder pads are a nice fit too, really helping to make these minis feel more nurgley.

These 2 guys are the furthest along, mostly just a tiny bit of GS touch-up is needed before they can go to the painting stage. I suppose that means it's almost time to buy some Green Stuff and get busy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

XII: Slow Progress

There were some comments made about how "silly" the topsy-turvy skull looked on the backpack. Well, I'm not gonna sit idly by while my wargear gets called silly!!! I made some changes, and in the end, I do like it alot better with the 3 vents instead.

And just so this doesn't become a 2nd all-backpack post, here's a WIP shot of my southpaw flamer.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

XI: Custom Backpack

Just for fun & a change of pace, I figured I'd make something out of these loyalist Dark Angels backpacks I wasn't using.... to see if I could make it more nurgley.

'Still needs some touching-up, but once it's done, it ought be good enough to equip a guy in one of my plasma squads with (once I buy my plasma squads).

Saturday, July 4, 2009

X: Flamer Squad

The major components (6 of 7) of my first flamer squad are nearly all assembled now. I'm starting to get more confident with my conversions as time goes on. That's the left arm of my southpaw flamer still drying there on the left. I'm still waiting on a bunch of bits (shoulder pads, backpacks, shields and the upper body of my powerfist champion) to arrive in the mail. This squad is also in need of a rhino-tank to ride around in.

I've picked-up a pin-vice (finally) so I've started drilling-out some barrels and bullet holes. I should have enough work left to do on these guys to keep me busy until my bits arrive. If I run out of stuff to do, I guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go get me some Green Stuff to play with.