Thursday, December 31, 2009

XLII: Scuz Bucket (complete)

I was looking for a toy I could maybe cheaply convert into a Hell Blade Chaos Fighter or something, when I came apon this little guy; I abandoned the Hell Blade idea on the spot. Some GS work, and a few strategically glued bits later, and bam; I've got myself a Daemon Engine familiar/mascot for my army.

The mottled look I painted on him was to not only give him the appearance of having been wallowing in filth for hundreds of years, but also to hide my amateur-hour GS work.

I'm still not a 100% sure that's exactly how I want to paint the mud on my basses though, so any & all C&C are welcome.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

XLI: Scuz Bucket

Here's a WIP peek at a little something I'm working on. I'm just waiting for the GS to cure before I prime him.

Scuz Bucket here is going to count as a Sorcerer's Familiar. I wanted a Daemon Engine in the style of the Forgeworld Blight Drones that would visually match the playful puppy personality of a Beast of Nurgle. What I ended up with looks kinda like Nurgle turned R2-D2 into a dog (with antlers), so I'm pretty happy with it.

I'll post better pics when I get some paint on him in the next day or so.

Friday, December 4, 2009

XL: Progress Report

The Champions for my 2 BBQ Plague Marine squads are almost complete. The one on the right is mostly done, and nearly ready for paint (just a little more GS work to smooth out on the back of the cloak). The other champ, the one on the left, still needs a head & backpack (shoulderpads have been added since this pic was taken). The green on his base is Thraka Green; I read that in "the old days" people would put washes of Inks on their bases to keep sand particles in place, so I tried it... but I don't think it did anything. My first try at sculpting his head (with antlers) was a bit of a disaster, so for my second attempt I'm going a different route... and this chaos marine from the $12 3-pack box is going to be my guinea pig.

kinda just looks like a big green dong on the side of his head at the moment, but it's just a WIP

Oh, and speaking of my BBQ squads, here's the 1st of the 4 Flamer Plague Marines who will be attached to those squads.

So to sum up: 1 BBQ squad assembled (and mostly primed), 1 Plasma squad fully assembled and a second BBQ squad half assembled. Mr. antlers there (with the green dong) is going to be the first marine in my 2nd Plasma squad. 2.5 of the 4 Plague Marine squads in the list. It's about time to do some painting on tester figures, I reckon.