Friday, December 4, 2009

XL: Progress Report

The Champions for my 2 BBQ Plague Marine squads are almost complete. The one on the right is mostly done, and nearly ready for paint (just a little more GS work to smooth out on the back of the cloak). The other champ, the one on the left, still needs a head & backpack (shoulderpads have been added since this pic was taken). The green on his base is Thraka Green; I read that in "the old days" people would put washes of Inks on their bases to keep sand particles in place, so I tried it... but I don't think it did anything. My first try at sculpting his head (with antlers) was a bit of a disaster, so for my second attempt I'm going a different route... and this chaos marine from the $12 3-pack box is going to be my guinea pig.

kinda just looks like a big green dong on the side of his head at the moment, but it's just a WIP

Oh, and speaking of my BBQ squads, here's the 1st of the 4 Flamer Plague Marines who will be attached to those squads.

So to sum up: 1 BBQ squad assembled (and mostly primed), 1 Plasma squad fully assembled and a second BBQ squad half assembled. Mr. antlers there (with the green dong) is going to be the first marine in my 2nd Plasma squad. 2.5 of the 4 Plague Marine squads in the list. It's about time to do some painting on tester figures, I reckon.


  1. Lookin' great!

    I especially love the Cryxian Champion.

    Where'd you get the bits for the flamer tank?

  2. Thanks!

    I had to look-up what "Cryxian" meant, I'm not very familiar with the Privateer Press stuff, but some of it looks pretty sweet!

    As for the flamer bits, they're from the Ork Burna models.

  3. hay nice going mate! like me the enthrallment of nurgle is just too much to resist! keep it up and the dark gods shall provide!

  4. Thanks, Smurf!

    Like the look of your traitor guard too :D