Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spearhead: Super Heavy

I like the idea of bringing Apoc sized Super Heavies into the regular 40K game. With Nurgle (as far as I know) the options are: Plaguereaper, Contagion & the Plague Tower.

As much as I fancy making a big ol' tanky Plague Tower (and I will one day, I've done sketches)... I'm intrigued by the possibilities of scratch-building a proper 40K looking Contagion (maybe using the Skaven Screaming Bell/ Bretonnian Field Trebuchet kits as a guides for scale).

But... what are the rules for this thing?


  1. The Bell of Lost Souls lads have stats for tthe Contagion in their Lords of Battle vol 2.0.

    basic stats are
    BS3 FT12 S12 R10
    2 structure points
    Plague catapult G36"-240" STR 5 AP 3 HVY1 7"blast
    Vomit cannon Template STR 5 AP 3
    Special Rules
    Possessed as CSM vehicle upgrade
    Explosion of filth As plage tower rules

    I built and fielded three Plague towers and plan on building a few Contagions as my next Apocalypse project. I am at a stand still till I rework the mold for the wheels.

  2. Thank you sooo much for your comment, ColKilgore. That's valuable information there.