Saturday, July 3, 2010

LV: Muddy Basses

I just got my Instant Scenery Kit: Mud & Water from Secret Weapon in the mail, and the picture above is my first attempt (after drying overnight). I have to say... it looks better on camera than in real life right now. I will eventually base my whole army with this stuff (I'm going for a Siege of Vraks theme) but I'm gonna hafta do a couple more tests to get the hang of mixing all the ingredients (to get the results/ colours I want). It's probably easier if you mix more material at once, but I was just doing a small test batch and getting the texture to be "like cake frosting" was a bit of a struggle the 1st time out.

They have a great two part tutorial up on their blog. I only did the 1st part on this base.

It'll get easier with practice, I'm sure; It's a great kit. Two quick (obvious) things I would advise though: use a stick to mix, and whatever brush you use to apply this stuff... will not survive, so use a brush you don't mind parting with.

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