Monday, November 16, 2009

XXXVII: Scratch-Built Blight Drones

"Where ever they were encountered, the air grew thick with poisonous fumes and the soil of Vraks rotted beneath them as their corpulent flesh wept continually with dripping icor "

The new Siege of Vraks book 3 is great, well worth owning (especially for Nurgle players).

Everybody loves the Blight Drones, but the models are Forgeworld-expensive. So who's making their own from scratch? I know some of us have started to post some WIP pics over at Papa Nurgle. In the interest of spreading this rotting foulness as far and wide as possible (for the PlagueFather!), I'll be posting about my progress here too. Daemon engines are notorious for being "staggering in their diversity, and blasphemous in their malignant design" but if you wanted to play along & make your own, and say you wanted to try & stay roughly the same dimensions as the Forgeworld counterpart, this may come in handy. I wonder how many of these we can all make before the end of the year?

Here's my 'drone at the "space shrimp" stage, next to the screw-cap (from an old bottle of speedball ink) that I'm thinking of using as a rotor housing.

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