Wednesday, November 11, 2009

XXXV: Base fit for a Champion (continued)

I still have some GS work to do on this guy, but mostly just on his cloak, on the back. I'm still, obviously, waiting on a head too (bits are in the mail). I really need to get myself a sculpting tool; by this stage the ol' toothpicks & pins method just aint getting good enough results. But, I guess he's mostly done now.

It took me a little while to decide what to do for a base. I kept staring at that marine helmet, & then down to the rock my champion was standing on... and it just didn't add up. I wanted to have him standing over a fallen foe, but after doing that Lazy Librarian objective marker, I knew a full body wouldn't fit on a 25mm base. I think the partial torso I came up with works well enough. I figure if I paint the ground to look muddy enough, then that much sinkage is plausible. I like it.

I followed Dverning's Rules for Basing. They can be found in the comments section of my last post, and also on his 40k Maunderings blog.


  1. Hey, thanks for the link-back. :-)

    As a note on the base, why the hand on the leg? It seems a little... alive for someone that just got his head ripped off.

    Still, I really like how you put the torso in there. It makes the helmet-in-hand bit make that much more sense. It really adds to the piece.

  2. I wanted the base to look as if my champion and the fallen foe had fought to the very end, and that the head was ripped off his still living body. I wanted it to look like a kill, and not like he was decapitating some old, long dead corpse. Some clear red paint should hopefully complete the illusion.