Sunday, November 1, 2009

XXXIII: Malevolent Mission Accomplished

I did it! I got all 3 objective markers painted by Halloween night!!

I couldn't bring myself to ask the local game shop for charity, so I ended up buying 4 new pots of paint (bleached bone, camo green, graveyard earth, fortress grey) & a pot of devlan mud, so in the end I got 'em all done anyway! Even if for some reason posting pics on the 1st doesn't get me the full Malevolent Mission points over at Papa Nurgle this challenge was worth it, and I'm glad I pushed myself to meet the deadline.

I tried new techniques (sponges), and that was fun. These guys are the first things I've actually painted for my army so I had to kinda finalize my official paint scheme in the process too (for the Ghoulie in the hatch). Feels like I've made some real progress, even if I haven't really crossed anything off my checklist yet.

The Lazy Librarian

The Gun Coffin
I still don't have enough bits to stock the gun coffin full of guns, so I'll probably revisit this one at a later date.

The Ghoulie Hatch

All 3 could use some dead static grass or flock or something, so whenever I get my hands on some of that... I'll probably touch these up a bit.

Also, I wanted to say thanks to Jacob Moxham for posting a link to my blog the other day, thanks again Jacob.

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