Friday, November 13, 2009

XXXVI: Lords of Decay

"Large Deathguard sub-faction. Have formerly been led by the Primarch Mortarion. Multiple encounters with the warband over the past millennium, notably at the Siege of Vraks. Linked to the Space Hulk Monolith of Woe, they are currently being pursued by Imperial forces in the Mentieth Sector."

When I first saw the crest in the Chaos codex, I just wrote it off as "generic Nurgle", and I kinda felt free to make-up my own variation. Now that I've seen the same crest echoed in the Siege of Vraks 3... I guess it's cannon, so I'm going to go back and re-paint both those banners on my objective markers to make 'em more in line with the fluff. At least I made this decision before I painted my champions. No big deal. Man, that 3rd 'Vraks book is great, I want to get some Blight Drones sooooo bad!

I did finally get a sculpting tool, so hopefully that'll help me smooth out some of the "patchier" spots on my champions. I might even have another try at sculpting antlers tonight while I'm at it.


  1. I have a pretty large Deathguard army (about 5,000 points) that I lovingly made look like shit .... but in a good way :) Praise the Grandfather! I like your objective markers and the Lords of Decay paint scheme and backstory are pretty cool. Your inspiring me to dust of my old Deathguard!

  2. 5000 points? Dang!
    Do you have pictures of these guys?

    You should totally dust-off your old Deathguard!