Monday, February 7, 2011

LXIV: Press Molding

I love the idea of home resin casting, but I'm a little intimidated by the process (and the start-up cost). If this video is accurate, Instant Mold might just be the perfect alternative product to help me add a little more bang for my buck. $13 + shipping seems pretty reasonable for a re-usable product too!

Has anybody tried/used this stuff?


  1. looks interesting, and the price is right, but you will be limited in what you can cast with it.

    For that price, it is worth messing around with it and seeing what you can do.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. You can pick up 'friendly plastic' far cheaper, and its the same stuff.
    That said, I had already ordered some sticks of this for my work. Looks handy.

    Resin casting is actually a piece of cake.. and like SC says, you are limited a bit with this. I just grabbed a silicone kit and a resin kit, some mould release, lego and plasticine and learned everything I needed from youtube in an afternoon. Five moulds later and I can pretty much make and cast anything :)

    This plastic really would save me time and money doing, say, both side details on a wheel, or symbols on swords, etc. Very handy!

  3. I bought this too but havent tried it yet.

    I have also silicon/resin molded just about everything 40k, and kingofdaveness has it right, its really easy, just messy, expensive and the bits never are quite as sharp as the real deal.

  4. Wow, thanks for all your comments guys!
    I'm thinking it might come in handy for adding details + icons to scratch-builds. The price is low enough that I reckon I'll be willing to risk it someday soon.

    Also, once you get around to trying it, please let us know how yours works out for you.

  5. Whoa. This looks awesome!

    As the others have said, it's not going to be as comprehensive as the alternative, but I'm okay with that. I always end up with not enough rubber (or too much, and then the excess goes bad; ugh!)

    I'm definitely going to grab some of this.

  6. this stuff would be great for press molds but terrible for two part molds.

    the guy in the vid shows how 'easy' it is to make a two part mold but fails to show you and actual by-product. why? because two part molds require a more complicated process in order to line the two halves up for a quality piece.

    resin is the way to go for two part and i agree, it is not that difficult. it just takes some time waiting for curing.