Tuesday, February 8, 2011

LXV: Finaly, some proper Plaguebearers

Last year all the Chaos Powers got brand new plastic kits, except for our beloved grampa Nurgle (despite the fact that nobody needs updated sculpts more). The the current GW Plaguebearers are pretty wretched, but given what ForgeWorld has done for 40K Nurgle armies, I still had hope maybe we wouldn't be entirely forgotten. Sure enough, at Games Day UK WarhammerForge was announced and our lesser daemons finally got some relief in resin.... and now at last, they're available.

Did you know the french word for Plaguebearer is Porte-Peste? So cute.

Unfortunately these new Plaguebearers are only available in rider positions. Bummer! In the end, it looks like I'll be just using pictures of them as inspiration for now, while I add a ton of GS to some Bloodletter minis (and maybe I'll fill-out some of the ranks with a few of these Heresy Miniatures Blight Demons).


  1. I've seen those Heresy figs, they are metal too. I played an all Nurgle deamon army when 8th edition came out at the LGS. It was not only probably the best looking army, it was also the only all metal one.

    Nurgle deamons is the only all metal army out there, metal and resin now apparently. ;-)

  2. All-metal is ridiculous for the most converted army.

  3. 2 of the Plague Riders actually stand up pretty well when put on bases. The other one looks like he has fallen down but is still fighting.

  4. If they look alright in standing poses, I'll totaly consider getting some. The more Porte-Pestes the better, I say