Saturday, February 12, 2011

LXVII: Dressing-Up Plaguebearers

This Plaguebearer from the Mordheim Carnival of Chaos really got me thinking the other day... about pants. Plaguebearers are commonly modeled "nude", and that's fine, it makes sense that their clothing might've rotted away... but if everybody else in the warp can figure-out how to wear armour and fetish gear, why couldn't our Plaguebearers pick up some discarded, disease-ridden plague-rags now and then? I think a few scraps of clothing here and there will really add some character and sense of history/age to my lesser daemons (and hopefully will help distinguish them from their humble Bloodletter roots).

*uncredited image from an Italian site, please leave a comment if you know who the painter is

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