Friday, May 28, 2010


I got the new Spearhead issue of White Dwarf yesterday. First time I've bought this magazine since I was a little kid. These rules look fun! Anybody else pick this up? Got any favorite formations?


  1. Having Orks on the brain at the moment I'm liking the look of the Outrider one - a Deff Dread supported by two mobs of Kans. Get a KFF (in a Wagon) behind them and get the Waaagh rolling!

    Or a trio of outflanking deth-rolla wagons with the Mech Assault.

    Ambush could be pretty nasty with a KFF, giving the Spearhead stealth and thus a +1 to the KFF's save.

    Or the ability to field a Reaver in a 1500pt game - Mwahahaha!

  2. Thinking of using the armored spearhead one with my guard. Fill the 3 HS with regular Russes then spearhead a lone Executioner, with Pask. Four Russes, none in a squadron, and the important one has a 5+ invulnerable.

  3. I'm not sure witch one to pick, they seem to open up so many options!