Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pay It Forward Winner Anounced!

Aaaaaaaannnnddd the winner is: Nobody.
Nobody entered. I couldn't GIVE figures away. Is it my haircut? I'm probably just doing it wrong, I'll have a better contest next time.


  1. awww, if i saw this before i would have entered!

  2. Such a shame! I saw it but couldn't really think of anything to offer!

  3. Likewise, would have entered, but been dead busy recently and knew the turnaround time was too tight for me.

    If i'd had even this weekend, i might have managed it.

    sorry man, these were good prizes so it's not that. just time, the enemy of us all.

  4. Same here, I didn't enter because I didn't want to have to do a give away myself, I'd rather people follow my blog for what I post not what I give away, no offence meant mate.

  5. Aw, sorry for the sort notice, guys! I'll give a little more lead time next round.

    (@ Col. Corbane, no offense taken, sir. But surely after years of blogging & well over 200 followers... you aren't still concerned that people aren't following your blog for the content?)

  6. I've got to say mate that it amazes me how many people follow my blog. I suppose it goes back to when I got into blogging and decided that I wouldn't use giveaways as a way of getting followers, I'd just let them come organically so to speak. That way, I could sort of gauge how well I'm doing at this blogging lark.

    I've seen guys do giveaways and go from 90 followers to well over 200 for giving away a boxset. It just wouldn't sit right with me, knowing that many people weren't following me for my hobby stuff, just to see what the next giveaway will be.

    I suppose I'm just stuck in my ways.

  7. Well, I got no new followers from my give-away. For me the intention for this was to spread generosity & the spirit of giving rather than to hoard new followers. In the end though, there was no change (positive or negative).