Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LI: Icon of Nurgle

left arm is from the Bloodletters box
legs are from the Possessed CSM box
backpack is from the Berserkers box
everything else is from the Chaos Space Marines box

I modified the horn into an antler on the nurgle CSM head, this is something I'm doing across my whole army. Bull horns are too Khorne, multiple horns are Tzeentch, and those ribbed looking gazelle horns are Slaanesh; antlers are for Nurgle.

This is the first icon bearer in my army, he'll be attached to my new Havoc squad. I've got a champion in a WIP biker squad with another icon, but I think I'll represent it differently for him (something with less drag).


  1. Great model mate - all shades of awesome! I really like the use of the bloodletter arm - good choice and not something that people may have thought of much.

  2. Thank you soo much, jabberjabber! I like how this guy came out.