Thursday, July 29, 2010

LVI: Someday my Prince will come (continued)

A few of you may remember this post from back in Febuary... progress has been glacial (at best). Now that his wings are finally assembled, my Prince is nearly ready to lead my army to the tabletop.

I apologize for the lack of posts; I've been distracted by Fantasy lately. I'm, at long last, on the cusp of finishing my 1500 point 40K army... and what do I do? I start a Lizardmen army. I'm sure some of you can relate. I've never played Warhammer Fantasy before, but I'm pretty excited about 8th edition... I've even started a new blog about it: Son of Slann (stop on by & say hello).

Saturday, July 3, 2010

LV: Muddy Basses

I just got my Instant Scenery Kit: Mud & Water from Secret Weapon in the mail, and the picture above is my first attempt (after drying overnight). I have to say... it looks better on camera than in real life right now. I will eventually base my whole army with this stuff (I'm going for a Siege of Vraks theme) but I'm gonna hafta do a couple more tests to get the hang of mixing all the ingredients (to get the results/ colours I want). It's probably easier if you mix more material at once, but I was just doing a small test batch and getting the texture to be "like cake frosting" was a bit of a struggle the 1st time out.

They have a great two part tutorial up on their blog. I only did the 1st part on this base.

It'll get easier with practice, I'm sure; It's a great kit. Two quick (obvious) things I would advise though: use a stick to mix, and whatever brush you use to apply this stuff... will not survive, so use a brush you don't mind parting with.