Monday, February 8, 2010

XLV: Someday my Prince will come

This is my new (tacked-together) UltraForge model which'll soon count as my army's HQ choice (Daemon Prince with wings). A little nervous, as this will be my first time working with resin, and the wings I got for him are on the big side (but made of light plastic). I'm excited to finally own this part of my list, but conversions on him will have to wait until I get a few other half-finished projects out of the way.

2 other bits of hobby related news; I've added a Barter Bucket link to this blog (over there, on the left), and I got some great new Basing Materials from Santa Cruz Warhammer the other day (pictures & review to follow soon).


  1. For wings I'm taking a cue from the Blight Drones: going with twin rotors. I'm using bits from a Gundam kit.

  2. I love ultraforge models. This guy is the only one I've actually painted, and it was big fun.