Thursday, October 28, 2010

LX: November Nurgling Challenge

I'm starting a November Nurgling Sculpting Challenge over at PapaNurgle

>>So, here's the idea: Everybody sculpts a little nurgling from green stuff, AND makes a mini-tutorial for how they did it. Simple! Thus we create this big pool of sculpting tips/knowledge for all of us to draw upon, and a place to give feedback/encouragement to each other, and infect each other with new ideas and techniques.

>>This is where the "challenge" phase begins; we each then sculpt a second nurgling before the end of the month, hopefully better than the 1st "testling".

The goal is to increase the number of nurglings out there (for Papa), and more importantly, improve our confidence/ skills with GS in the process.

Doesn't that sound fun? You can play along, if you like :)

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