Saturday, June 6, 2009

III: First Lick of Paint

Went to my local gaming shop for an actual painting tutorial today. My teacher was an admitted "speed painter", which was totally fine with me; as I was just there to have a sloppy first try anyway.

My figure was already based & primed, so now it was time to be introduced to Citadel's Foundations Paints. Great product, and I got my first try at putting paint on the pallet, thinning it down & keeping it "live". Kinda tricky, and hard to explain, but fun!

Up next I got to try a wash with ink (fun to see it shrink as it dries). After that was my favorite; dry-brushing. I used to buy White Dwarf magazines as a kid, and I've always wanted to try dry-brushing Boltgun Metal onto a black gun... and it was totally as rewarding as I'd dreamed. Everything dries really quickly, and it's pretty fun.

Lastly we did the base, and he even threw a lil' glob of static grass on there. We didn't get arround to painting the eyes or anything, but I did add one teeny tiny Nurglesque detail before I left; a thinned down line of brown "rust" on the backpack.

Over-all, I'd say today was an excellent introduction to my new hobby, that left me excited & hungry for more!!

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