Sunday, May 31, 2009

II Part Two

Well, I had my first dip in the pool today. I brought minis still on the sprue, so we mostly focused on assembly/primer for now (yes, I am that new).
I used his file, cutter, primer & stuff at the shop, but I also bought some new tools of my own to try-out at home. I feel I learned alot just getting started, trying it out for myself, hands-on like. It was nice having live people on hand to ask if I had any questions. Everything dried quicker than I was expecting too (which is nice).

I've also made some decisions about what my first squad of Plague Marines is going to look like, so any mini's that don't fit the bill will be sacraficed to my poor skills now at this early stage as "tester figures". I picked-up a box of Dark Angel Veterans, and put in an order for a sprue of chaos marine backpacks. I have a pretty solid idea for an Aspiring Champion conversion too, but as it will be metal-on-plastic & will involve buying more tools, I'm going to hold-off until I'm a bit more comfortable.

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