Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rhino II

I recently got my hands on the Forgeworld Masterclass book I've been coveting for ages, and it got me all fired-up to do some tank conversions/ weathering. Unfortunately, the closest thing I've got to any Tanks on my workbench though are a couple of Rhinos.

This is a pic of Rhino II. Not glued together yet, this is just a dry-fit pic. I wanted to go with the old-style double doors on the front, so I tried my hand at scratch building some. Rivets are GS, but for future projects I think I'll have to find another alternative.

The right/front smokestack is something I've wanted to try ever since I first saw the Battlescape scenery kit from GW. I used a combination of pressmolded GS (using instant mold) and plastic tubing, florist wire and plastic strips.

It's been a bit hit/miss with Instant Mold. I really like that it's re-usable, but sometimes the detail has come out a bit soft. I may have to try Blue Stuff.

**Bonus Hobby Tip**
When you're not using it for molds, Instant mold can be sculpted into a great clam-shell to store that sticky yellow component of your GS.

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