Monday, November 28, 2011

Herald of Nurgle

Mabs canceled the Plague Daemon Conversion Contest, over on Papa Nurgle, but it was too late; minds had already conjured images of daemons to be.
This is a project blog of the Daemonic Herald that I was working on for the contest that never was. I'm still trying to get him done by the December 31st deadline.

Here we go!

The base for this conversion is a Vampire Counts Dire Wolf head stuck onto a BloodLetter body. The Nurgling on his hip is based on the head of a Finecast Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

The other Nurgling (on the staff) is based off a Posesed Chaos Space Marine head. The staff is from the Vampire Counts Zombie kit.


  1. What is it?!...I mean, wicked job!

  2. He's still very much a WIP, but he's getting there. A little more GS and some paint and hopefully he'll be easier to identify.

    More updates to come.

  3. Looks great! just wait for the paint to tie everything together. I have some similarly made Beasts of Nurgle, which have a lot of work, but do have that "rolled in your bits box" feeling