Friday, September 16, 2011

LXXIX: 1500 points of Rainbows

  • Librarian: jump pack (125 pts.) 
  • Honour Guard: Champion, Noviate, 2x meltaguns, 5x jump packs (205 pts.)
  • Furioso Librarian: magna grapple, drop pod (225 pts.) 
  • (2x) Sanguinary Priest: jump pack (150 pts.) 
  • Techmarine: jump pack (50 pts.)
  • (3x) Land Speeder: multimelta (180 pts.)
  • (2x) Assault Marines: 1x power fist, 2x meltaguns, 10x jumpacks (470 pts.) 
  • 5 strong Sniper Scout Squad: 5x cammo cloaks (90 pts.) 
1495 pts.

First crack at writing a list w/ the Blood Angels codex. I guess I'll probably just use those last 5 points on a melta bomb or a storm shield somewhere....

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