Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kill Team: Game Review.

I really like this game.
You'll read the same complaints in every review: you can't skip any load-screens/ cinematics, it's hard on single player, and you can't play on-line... but you can (and do) forgive these things. It may not blow your mind, but you'll be too busy blasting everything that moves to care.

If you love 40K (and if you're reading this blog, you probably do) it's a great way to get a fix when you don't feel like painting. It made me want to make Space Ork terrain! Kill Team is waaay more cinematic than that garbage UltraMarines movie, and at $10 it's half the price of one of those lousy Garro audio books.

~Mini-Rant about Garro audio books~

I had just started reading the Horus Heresy novels, I had just finished 'Eisenstein and I was super curious about the origins of the Gray Knights, so I borrowed a friend's copy of the audio-books. The narration isn't bad, and the sound FX are fine... but they're soooo badly written! James Swallow completely mishandles characters you've been getting to know over the course of the HH novels. At the end, it just feels like nothing happened, both audio-books are utterly forgettable. I can't believe GW has the balls to ask for $20 each for these things! Ridiculous.

~end of rant~

Getting back to Kill Team, it's a great introduction to 40K for friends and wives. It's a fun, pick-up & play game, best enjoyed in 2-player mode.

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