Friday, November 5, 2010

LXIII: My 1st Nurgling (completed)

"Nurglings are tiny, mischievous daemons, resembling a chubby miniaturized version of a Great Unclean One. They normally appear in large numbers."

7.) I added the horn, filled-out the back side a little more and (not pictured) sculpted a little bone for him to hold

8.) I neglected to take a picture, but there was a step before this where I added a nub of an arm, prior to adding the hand/ bone.

9.) Bulked-up his left shoulder and elbow, also his right haunch.

And now he's pretty much done. There are 4 nurglings to a 40mm base... I may push myself and try and get 3 more done this month.

(sorry for the bad pictures, the lighting here is terrible)


  1. that looks great

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  2. Thanks, John!
    The November Nurgling Challenge has been pretty fun so far.

  3. Nice work -- this little chap really encapsulates the whole nurgling ethos very well!

  4. Thank you Jabberjabber
    It has really made me wanna do more DIY nurglings.

  5. That looks fantastic! Would you consider making a resin mold of that little fellow for fun and/or profit?

  6. Thank you for your interest, Ghengis Vaughn
    This little nurgling is just my first real sculpting attempt, and there's still some GW plastic visible on him, so for those reasons, no, there won't be any molds made of this little guy.