Wednesday, January 6, 2010

XLIII: Blight Grenadier

Remember those legs I repositioned at the end of November? They were in kinda a weird pose, and it took me a second to think of something that would work for the torso... but finally he is mostly done (just a little more battle damage & some more sand on the base). Presenting my first Blight Grenadier!

I learned alot putting this guy together, and I also added another tool to my belt: sandpaper!


  1. Good work! The repositioning and the resculpting are very well done. What kind of sand paper did you use? I've never tried sanding my GS down.

  2. nice job. saw you did the armpit as well. looks really good. what rules for this guy?
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Extra Fine 320 Grit. I loved using it on GS, and found it really easy to control, and perfectly suited for spots where plastic/GS meet. It was a happy surprise. I'd read about some Eldar players using it to soothe out rough patches on their ships, and figured I'd give it a try. Now I don't have anymore green powder in my metal files!

  4. Thanks, Mike!
    He's just a standard Plague Marine. They get Blight Grenades as part of their standard load-out, but I figured if I modeled him throwing a grenade I could maybe get away with calling him a grenadier.

    Inspiration for the pose came from that new Legion of the Damned model.

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  6. He looks superb, great job! Also love the skuzz bucket, hes so cute you just want to hug him... with your eyes... at a distance :P
    (+ lol@ MoaSmurf)