Wednesday, October 28, 2009

XXXII: Objectives Primed

Sorry for the crappy picture (I'm still trying to find a good way to light these for macro photography). Still have a loooooong way to go on these painting-wise. My hobby budget is pretty tight at the moment, and I don't have many colours to choose from, so I may just put a call in to my friendly local game store to see if I can dip my brush into some of their pots to finish these off before Halloween.

I'm a cartoonist by day, so I often have more art supplies than I realize. The bad news is that the pastels I used to have (and never used) and was thinking of using for weathering powders seem to have been given away or lost. The good news is I apparently have a tone of oil paints & thinners. We'll see if I can put those to use on some tanks or something later on down the line.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

XXXI: "Counts as" Tanks

Conversions like these gorgeous Blood Pact vehicles by johnstoysoldiers and discussions like this one on santacruzwarhammer fill me with hope & inspiration for the tanks in my Nurgle army.

The thing is, I'm new to this hobby & even newer to kit-bashing outside the GW product range... but that is exactly what I intend to do to represent the possessed Vindicator in my army. So, I'm reaching-out, to you, oh internet: please help me find some kind of marvelous (inexpensive) tank model kit to stand-in for a chaos vindicator (or please, just point me in the right direction)!

Any and all suggestions are welcome & appreciated!

~thank you

Thursday, October 8, 2009

XXX: The Ghoulie Hatch

The Ghoulie Hatch is now ready for paint. Dverning Suggested attaching the hatch, and when I saw scdarkangel's Grot Tank, I got an idea for a hinge. John's is much nicer looking than mine, but I had a wider hatch so I went with a longer looking hinge.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

XXIX: Third Objective Marker

I'm calling my third objective marker "The Ghoulie Hatch"
I'm not sure if I'm going to use the lid or not yet.
Inspiration came from this:

XXVIII: Second Objective Marker

I picked-up 2 thicknesses of plastic-card today, and some new bases.

I had an idea for my second objective marker, I'm calling it: "Gun Coffin". It is essentially just a bunch of guns stored in an open grave.
Here's how I did it:

first I cut a coffin-shaped hole in the 40mm base, then I glued together this little coffin from pieces of the "NO SMOKING" sign

after that, I cut off two of those rings from the bottom of the base, glued one underneath & one above, drilled a hole to connect them and voila a slot for a banner-pole

next I chopped-up some toothpicks & started gluing them onto the outside of the coffin

I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to throw dirt in the coffin around the skelleton, or do some kinda muddy water-fx

I added a little piece of a 25mm base for a little step on one side

and over here on the other side, eventually there will be a pile (separately painted) weapons

...and the answer to the question in my last post "will GS alone be enough to hold that metal book in that marine's plastic hand?"; NO.

So, I'll have to go back & pin the book in-place & re-sculpt the book spine. I did glue it onto a larger base which does make it look a bit nicer, I think (even though there's still a little bit of over-hang). One step forward, two steps back.