Friday, March 26, 2010


The Purchase:

The Inspiration:

This is my latest kit-bash. 5 bucks vs. $74 (+shipping & handling). I'll get him all Nurgled-up & painted eventually, should be fun. I actually went to 2 shops looking for a Chaos Defiler today, but both places were sold out.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

XLVI: Free Basing

I've fallen victim to having too many projects on the go at once. In an effort to tie up some loose ends (and to get me painting) I'm going back to bases.

On the Left, we have my first technique, using the Gale Force 9 materials. this is how it was painted:
1. Primed Black
2. Scorched Brown (2 coats)
3. Heavy dry-brush of 50/50 Snakebite Leather/ Graveyard Earth
4. Light Dry-brush of Graveyard Earth
5. Devlin Mud wash

the rock was painted with Adeptus Battlegrey, drybrushed with Fortress Grey, and then a Gryphone Sepia wash.

Dead grass was added last using a small blob of white glue.

On the Right I used the Winter Basing Kit very generously donated by Santa Cruz Warhammer using their Broken Ground technique.

It think the SC Warhammer technique was far superior, for sure, but I'm going to keep playing with these materials & see what else I can come up with that'll be more in-line with the "Siege of Vraks" theme I want to do. Any and all comments & critiques welcome.

A special thank you, again to the guys at SC Warhammer; you guys Rule!