Friday, July 27, 2012

Plague Bearers for Plague Bearers

This is a WIP shot of some of my Nurgle Daemons.

I started working on this guy ages ago, he's based on a BloodLetter of Khorn. Perfectly balanced too, stands all on his own without a base. I started working on him long before I owned any clay shapers. Now that I've got a few more hours of green stuff work under my belt, I'm looking forward to returning to this project to add some finishing touches to him.

His left arm is from one of his Heresy Miniatures Blight brothers. There's 6 of them standing behind him there (making for a nice 7 total). I can't wait to mix and match bits on these gentlemen with the new plastic Plague Bearers box!

As a side note: I am slowly improving my photo set up. I recently bought a tripod, next I just need upgrade to my lighting situation. The pictures have been at best not-great, and at worst: pretty lousy on this blog in the past, but... I'm working on it ;)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Plastic Plague Bearers

just look at these handsome devils!
I'm only 9 days away from owning these little beauties, at last! The caption says "it includes 10 Nurglings and piles of festering maggots to decorate your bases"! Rumor is, 'this kit also includes fly-headed variants...!

This is the best hobby news I've gotten in ages. I can't wait!

Monday, July 23, 2012

New Daemons?

from the new GW teaser below

I caught wind of this rumor yesterday; 1st 'dex for 6th is going to be Daemons of Chaos rather than Chaos Space Marines. Nurgle is in both books, so I'm happy either way... but I have been praying for decent, plastic Plague Bearer and Nurgling sculpts for years! We got skunked in the last wave of plastic daemons.

My Daemons

I recently bought 6 Blights from Heresy Miniatures, and over the last few months I've been working on converting a Plague Bearer from a BloodLetter of Khorn. This makes up my 1st squad of 7.

I sculpted a Nurgling aaaages ago (planed on making more), and had been thinking of maybe getting some MaxMini Rotten Puppets to round-out my Nurgling forces (and I still may)... but I'm pretty happy to hear we are getting some new GW sculpts!

Once you factor in the Daemon Princes from my CSM forces, I'm well on my way! Heck, I might even get my Herald back on the wokbench, if the pictures in this new White Dwarf get my mojo working.

But before that, I've taken on 2 GUOs. One of them will be represented by Jon's BBDD  that I posted about last time, the second one; I'm converting from a large Fantasy Monster. It's still in very early stages, but I'll be posting pictures of him very soon. I call him "Twiggy".

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Bad Daddy Daemon

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